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Conroe KidzFest featuring RCA

The coolest and newest Robot in Houston appeared at Conroe’s KidzFest.

Chaston’s Robot Party

Robot birthday party for Chaston.

RCA Play Date at MajestKids Playland

RCA was invited to a play date at MajestKids Playland in Sugar Land, Texas during Spring Break.

RCA Robot Costume

Our newest costume upgraded to stand taller than the original design.

RCA – Robot #2

Our newest robot arrives real soon.

Max’s Soccer Birthday Party with AUX

Did you know AUX was programmed to play soccer? The highlight Max’s 7th birthday party was AUX scoring a goal!

Back 2 School Hair Cut Charity

Diamonds and Pearls Mothers Back 2 Scholl Charity event that gives back to the kids of the community school supplies and haircuts.

STEM Robotics Coding Camp

AUX was the special guest at the STEM Robotics Coding Camp hosted by Gustavia Pearls Women’s Outreach. This was a free event at the Finnigan Community Center located in Houston’s 5th ward.

AUX at Plaza Paseo Mall

Jurassic Extreme invited AUX to be a part of this event at Plaza Paseo Mall in Pasadena.

AUX at Grace Presbyterian Church’s Block Party

AUX spent 4 days as part of Grace Presbyterian’s Vacation Bible School week. The last day ended with a big block party.

AUX at Grace Presbyterian Church

AUX was recently booked 4 days for a Vacation Bible School event at Grace Presbyterian Church.

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